Eliminate up to 98% of the bacteria & viruses found on handrails*





*with continuous use 


The leader in UV-C (ultraviolet light) disinfection units for escalator and moving walk handrails.

  • UL Listed

  • CE Compliant

  • Proven UV-C Results

Not all UV-C disinfection units are equal. Contact us to learn more.


How Safe are Your Handrails?


HoldSafe Handrail UV Disinfection Units are easily attached or installed to any escalator or moving walkway handrail and use powerful and safe UV-C (ultraviolet) LED technology to continuously eliminate up to 98% of the pathogens commonly found on handrails. 


Advanced technology that self-generates its' own power from the rotation of the handrail, or uses low voltage power from the system 


UL Listed & CE Compliant to meet or exceed all applicable safety requirements for; UV light, entrapment, electrical shock and impact & damage


UV-C Ultraviolet light exposure eliminates up to 98% of the viruses, germs and bacteria found on handrails with continuous use


Products provide a visible and effective prompt to the user that the handrail is actively being disinfected for their safety. 

HoldSafe Handrail UV Disinfection Units greatly reduce the risk of bacteria and virus transmission, thus increasing the confidence of users to safely hold the handrail and reducing accidents and injuries

to your customers.

“80% of infections are spread the same way: Someone touches a germ-ridden surface” -


UV-C remains one of the most effective and persistent solutions to prevent the spread of pathogens including COVID-19.  Contact us for more information.


Ideal for airports, malls, venues, public transit, etc..


"UV-C kills living bacteria, but viruses are technically not living organisms; thus, we should correctly say “inactivates viruses.” Individual, energetic UV-C photons photochemically interact with the RNA and DNA molecules in a virus or bacterium to render these microbes non-infectious."

How Safe are Your Handrails?

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