Safety & Compliance


PürHealth Technologies Inc. conducted extensive safety and compliance testing prior to releasing HoldSafe to the North American & European markets. 


HoldSafe was designed to meet the requirements for compliance in several categories:

  • Entrapment & Pinch Points

  • UV Light Safety

  • Impact Resistance

  • Electrical Safety

HoldSafe has been tested and verified for compliance to relevant requirements from the following standards bodies:

Please contact for our detailed Safety & Compliance document.

  • HoldSafe units are easily installed in escalator or walkways and immediately start to eliminate pathogens present on the handrail. 


  • HoldSafe units are suitable for either rotational direction of the moving handrail and pose to risk to the public users. No additional safety barriers or bollards are required. 


  • HoldSafe units will not damage or impede the normal operation of your walkway or escalator system.  

Proven Effectiveness

Proven testing that shows after the first hour of typical use, over a 93% bacteria elimination level is maintained continuously as the escalator or walkway operates. Conventional disinfectants can quickly kill and reduce the number of bacteria on a surface,  however, once the solution dries, the bacteria regrows and returns to unsafe levels. The HoldSafe unit operates continuously and does not allow bacteria to regrow. Persistent prevention is the only solution to prevent the spread of pathogens.


The HoldSafe unit has been tested in certified labs and real-world applications. The use of UV-C to eliminate pathogens has been proven in multiple medical journal studies and research. Please contact us for detailed references and our test reports. 

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