Internally Mounted UV Disinfection Units

HoldSafe Hidden Handrail UV Disinfection Units are easily installed in any escalator or walkway handrail system and use powerful and safe UV-C (ultraviolet) LED technology to continuously eliminate up to 98% of the pathogens commonly found on handrails. 

HoldSafe Hidden

Internal Mounted for All Types

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The HoldSafe Hidden Escalator & Walkway Handrail UV Disinfection Unit is designed to be installed internally on any existing walkway or escalator balustrade and can be used in either direction of the handrail.


UV-C light exposes the handrail surface to disinfection irradiance which eliminates the ability of any pathogens to reproduce and cause infection.  

The mounting system will not damage or impede the normal operation of your walkway or escalator system.  

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Why Choose HoldSafe Hidden UV Disinfection Units by PürHealth?

  • Ease of Implementation

    • A continuous solution to disinfect handrails during regular operation, with no risk, obstacle or inconvenience to the user.

    • Fastest solution to implement to eliminates pathogenic and viruses on handrails.

    • Installs in under an hour : Easy to install, maintain and operate.  Simple VDC electrical wiring, or self-powered options coming soon!

    • Suitable for ANY existing escalator or moving walkway.  Regardless of balustrade type; glass, stainless steel or both. 

    • Flexible positioning to ensure no obstruction to safety switches and features on existing escalator.

  • Proven 98% Effective : Safe & Powerful UV-C Ultraviolet light

    • No toxic or harsh chemicals utilised.  No residual chemicals or damage to handrails.  Only bacteria is targeted and eliminated by the UV-C light.

    • UV-C is the most effective method of surface disinfection – proven up to 98% effective in laboratory and medical studies.

    • The HoldSafe UV Disinfection Unit has been proven effective in real-world and laboratory testing, also showing up to 98% effectiveness in killing pathogens on handrails – results available for review.

    • UV-C proven effective in medical studies and for use in operating room and hospital use. Currently UV-C is most commonly used in the medical market.


  • Safe

    • Highly visible and reassuring to escalator and walkway users.  Modern design, clear labelling and attractive exterior indication lighting.  There will be no doubt that your escalator handrails are being actively disinfected.

    • 1000’s of units installed in locations worldwide. No accidents or damage reported.

Ideally suited anywhere there is an escalator or moving walkway
Retail & Hospitality
Public Venues & Arenas
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