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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose HoldSafe products from PürHealth?
    Ease of implementation The only continuous solutions to disinfect handrails during regular operation, without risk, hindrance or inconvenience to the user. The fastest approach to implement a solution to eliminate pathogens and viruses on handrails in your location. Easy to install, maintain and operate. No escalator damage, or hinderance to the escalator structure. Suitable for ANY existing escalator or moving walkway. Regardless of the type of balustrade; glass, stainless steel or both. Flexible positioning to ensure safety switches and functions of existing escalators are not obstructed. No toxic or aggressive chemicals are used. No residual chemicals or damage to handrails. Only pathogen cells are attacked and neutralized by UV-C light. UV-C is the most effective method of surface disinfection - proven up to 98% effective in laboratory and medical studies against CoV viruses, bacteria and germs. HoldSafe has been proven effective in laboratory and real-world tests, proving up to 93% effective in eliminating pathogens on handrails with continuous use. Contact for more information. UV-C has been proven effective in medical studies and for use in operating rooms and hospitals. Today UV-C is used more frequently in the medical market. Safe Passed stringent safety requirements and testing, as well as independently reviewed for CE Compliance. No risk of entrapment, UV-C light leakage, impact damage or electrical distress Visible prompts to reassure your escalator and walkway users. Modern design, clear labelling and clear indication included. There will be no doubt that your escalator handrails are being actively disinfected
  • Is HoldSafe effective against the virus causing COVID-19?
    Yes. PürHealth has recently conducted proprietary testing in an accredited laboratory to validate the effectivness of our UV-C products against the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19. Our testing was also conducted on actual handrail material which provides the most realistic and representative validation of HoldSafe products. Contact for more information.
  • Is it difficult to install a HoldSafe Unit?
    Internal units will require qualified escaltor technicians. Your local codes and regulations will indicate your requirements. Once a location is accessed, the installation of the unit only takes around 20 minutes. However, local city, state, or regional codes vary. Please verify with your regional authority, or equipment maintenance contractor.
  • How long does it take to install a HoldSafe UV Handrail Disinfection Unit?
    We have estimated 45-60 minutes per unit. This is a conservative estimate and with experience and planning we have seen this time below 40 minutes each unit. With 2 technicians working in tandem, time is greatly reduced. These estimates are for a glass balustrade walkway or escalator, times will differ slightly for other variants, however the general process is the same.
  • Is there a risk of UV-C ultraviolet light harming the public?
    There is no risk of UV light escaping the unit or creating unsafe exposure to the public. The HoldSafe unit uses UV-C LED light modules that are fully contained within the enclosure. UV-C light is only exposed on the handrail within the unit. There is a non-UV blue indication lamp on the face plate of the external units to indicate that it is in operation. The risk of UV irradiance (UV light escaping) was also tested and passed by UL for the external units.
  • What happens in the event the handrail shuts down?
    The self-generating units have a built-in low voltage electricity generator and are entirely self-powered using the motion of the handrail. (no wiring required during installation) Powered units will have an auto circuit cut-off if the escalator stops rotating Units will immediately restart once the handrail is restarted. There is no battery or high capacity capacitor in the UV unit. There is no risk that it will operate during maintenance or other stoppage. All units cannot function if removed from an operating handrail. Escalator shut-off is required for maintenance of the internal units.
  • Will HoldSafe damage the escalator?
    No, there is no risk of any damage to the escalator. Units are installed with brackets and hardware that are removable. UVC exposure to the handrail is only sufficient to penetrate the surface pathogenic matter. Standard handrails show no additional deterioration with UVC exposure. Most handrails have UV inhibitors in their composition to further protect their integrity.
  • Will the UV light damage the handrail?
    There is no evidence of any short-term or long-term damage to a handrail from UV-C light In general, UV-C light is less harsh than chemical based cleaning products. The handrail is exposed to the UVC rays for 0.2 to 0.4 seconds for each cycle (1 rotation of a standard escalator) so there is no prolonged exposure on any given point on the handrail The UV-C will be absorbed primarily by the surface bacteria and pathogens present on a handrail We have units that have been installed over a 3 year period showing no evidence of damage to the handrail
  • What is the customer feedback?
    A customer survey was conducted in 2018/19. Here are some of the survey results and comments: User Perceptions: Before UV Unit Installed: Handrail Cleanliness : 75% of users think the handrail is dirty Possibility of Viruses on Handrail : 75% of users worry about virus contamination After UV Unit Installed: Reduction of Germs : 75% of users perceived a reduction of germs and bacteria on handrails Usage of Handrail : 74% of users increased holding the handrail Accident Reduction : 75% of installations noted a decrease in accidents General Results & Client Feedback: What result did you prefer, Cleanliness or Safety? 50% indicated that the unit enhanced the cleanliness of the handrail 50% indicated that the unit improved safety 80% indicated that the unit enhanced the overall image of their location 80% indicated they would add more unit to their facilities 80% overall satisfaction rate Client Comments: “The UV Unit visibly demonstrates that the handrail is clean and more sanitary, and contributes to a reduction in accidents “ “More passengers held the handrail with the security it was safer and cleaner” “The product improved the image of the venue and provided a social contribution to health and safety to passengers.” “Improved our status as a premium shopping mall and provided sensitive customers with greater safety. Especially those with children.” “Enhanced image and passenger safety increased” “Daily cleaning (wiping) was not enough. The unit improved safety of passengers"
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